B-HET (Bora Hybrid Energy Technologies) Engineering is a young, dynamic, and innovative company, which has been established in the year 2010 so as to manifest activity in the renewable energy technologies, and the medical sector within the framework of a quality service mentality. Since the day of its establishment, it has been conducting industrial research-development projects, product development, design, planning, consultancy, and technical support services. 

In addition, it has performed various system installations in the field of renewable energies especially in terms of solar energy. B-HET Engineering, besides cooperating with the brands, which have proved themselves all around the world in this regard, conducts sales and marketing of the products, whose production it assumes on his own, in Turkey and in the world markets.  


Our company, besides targeting becoming one of the leader companies in its sector, has aimed at development, production of all sorts of renewable energy technologies, and high quality for the purpose of exportation to all world countries. 

It assumes the responsibility of disseminating the said technologies to large masses in Turkey, which has a high potential especially in terms of solar energy and of course abroad, and creation of awareness on this matter in societies; it makes effort in this regard and will sustain the said efforts.  


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